Safety advice on the beach

10 safety measures to make your beach days successful :

Before leaving, have you remembered to lock all the doors, the garage, the garden gate, the windows and the shutters ? did you put the alarm on ?

In the carpark, do not leave visible objects in your car (clothes, bag, toys,..) Leave valuables at home (or in a safety deposit box). Put, if possible, your car radio in the boot or keep it with you.

Do not leave children alone in the car in the carpark, even if the windows are open and even if they are asleep.

Remember to check that your car doors and boot are locked, that  the windows are totally up, that your alarm is on and the steering wheel locked.

If possible, do not burden yourself with your handbag. Leave it at home in a hidden place.

If you take your mobile phone with you to the beach,  make sure you keep it  protected in a waterproof bag especially if you decide to go swimming. Leave it out of sight - not on your towel or on the seat of your car (the same applies to your IPod or MP3 player).

Personalize your PUK code which is required each time you turn on your mobile phone.

Don't keep a huge amount of money on you on the beach. Bring the bare minimum (enough for an icecream, a drink, or a snack). Do not wear too much jewellery.

Keep your keys, money, mobile phone in a secure bag and always with you.

In case of your wallet or documents beeing stolen, register a complaint immediately giving specific details of what has been taken, and do the necessary with your bank or services concerned. This will avoid identity theft.