Sun protection on the beach

Getting sunburn is a real burn of your skin and can be very dangerous for your health. Here are some indications to protect yourself and fully enjoy the sun and its benefits:

Expose yourself gradually for the first few days, for short periods of time,

Try not to expose yourself when the sun is at its strongest, that is between 11 :00 and 15 :00,

Drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration,

Use an adequate sun cream: the sun protection factor indicates the intensity of the protection, for example with a factor 4, you can be exposed to the sun 4 times longer than without any protection, without getting burnt.

Protect your head and try to cool down to avoid sunstroke.

For children, use a high-factor sun cream, make them wear a T-shirt, protect their head and eyes, have them drink large quantities.


Do not forget to put sun cream every two hours and after going into the water (even when using waterproof products)

Renew your sun products every year; once they are open, they can be kept only for 18 months.

Babys must never been explained to the sun.

Glasses are indispensable.